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There must be more than gold ...

… and there is: Standard and special products from precious metals, semi-finished or near-end, precious metal based alloys for industrial applications and crafts. BU JIM serves a wide variety of industries – our products are present in everyday life, they may seem invisible at times, however, without them a lot of processes simply would not work. BU JIM is the specialist for the smallest denominator in this complexity: precious metal.

The BU JIM precious metal cycle is all about the most valuable component in our customers’ products. With our refining services precious metals are recycled from various scrap materials and made available for production. And as our world does not only consist of gold and silver, platinum and palladium, base metals are another part of the BU JIM products and sales portfolio.

Special focus, however, also lies on the industrial sector - namely the glass and chemical industries. Their requirements are at the core of the business activities of the BU JIM site in Hanau (formerly PEM).

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